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Car Dehumidifier Bag – Reusable


Car dehumidifier absorbs moisture to reduce humidity and prevent condensation. Reusable. Suitable for use in your car, pickup truck, van, caravan and motorhome.


Dehumidifier for your car, van or pickup truck. This reusable dehumidifier bag contains gel that slowly absorbs the excess moisture in your vehicle that causes condensation. Leave on dashboard, parcel shelf or in the door pocket, footwell, boot or under seat. The blue spot on the bag will turn pink every few weeks to indicate when its full, simply dry the bag out and use it again. Can be used in any environment that suffers from high humidity or damp e.g. vehicles, caravan, motorhome, home, garage or shed.

  • Car Dehumidifier Bag
  • Absorbs excess moisture in the air
  • Reduces humidity, condensation and damp
  • Keeps windscreen and windows clear inside
  • Protects seats, carpets, roof lining from damp
  • Prevents mould and musty smells
  • Reusable – simply dry out and use again
  • Features
  • Absorbs 40% of its weight in moisture
  • Blue spot turns pink to indicate when full
  • Dry bag on radiator or in microwave
  • Pink spot resets to blue when dry
  • Made from Eco-friendly materials
  • Contains 350g of Activated Silica Gel
  • Size Approx (L x W x D)
  • 20cm x 11.5cm x 3.5cm (8″ x 4.5″)

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