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Climair Wind Deflectors for Kia Sportage

Kia Sportage - Rain and Wind Deflectors

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Kia Sportage Wind Deflectors

Wind deflectors for the Kia Sportage enable you to open your side windows without letting in wind or rain. These Climair deflectors provide benefits for drivers, passengers, smokers and pets during summer and winter.


  • Deflect insects, rain and wind away from open windows
  • Reduce drafts, misting and sun glare from side windows
  • Reduce driver fatigue by increasing fresh air circulation
  • Reduce temperature inside the vehicle during hot weather
  • Remove stale air and odours from food, pets and smoking/vaping


  • For Kia Sportage from 2010 to present (SL + QL)
  • Made from 3mm thick acrylic with a light grey smoke tint
  • Slimline aerodynamic profile to reduce wind noise
  • Compatible with anti-trapping window sensors
  • 2 year manufacturers guarantee against crazing
  • Supplied direct to European vehicle manufacturers
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2015, TUV and ABE approved

Fitting Wind Deflectors

  • In-channel deflectors slot directly inside the side window channel
  • No drilling, screws, glue, sticky tape or tools required
  • Fitting time = approx 15-20 minutes for a standard front pair
  • Supplied in pairs with full fitting instructions

Climair wind deflectors are available for 95% of cars, 4x4's, pickup trucks and vans.