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Pet Travel Blanket – Fleece and Fur (2-Layers)


Pet travel blanket with 2 layers. Grey Faux Fur and Black Polar Fleece. For use in your home and vehicle. Available in 3 sizes.


Pet travel blanket with 2 layers to provide double the comfort and warmth for your pet. This blanket has a soft grey faux fur on one side and black polar fleece on the back. Use in both your home and vehicle to create a familiar environment for your pet to reduce stress when travelling.

  • Features
  • Super Soft Blanket with 2 layers
  • Front: Plush Faux Fur – Dark Grey
  • Back: Polar Fleece (anti-bobble) – Black
  • Strong overlock stitch around edge
  • Durable and machine washable
  • Soft labels (non-chewable)
  • Suitable For
  • Boot area or rear seat base cushion
  • Pet beds, boxes, carriers and crates
  • Sizes
  • Large = 150cm x 95cm
  • Medium = 95cm x 72cm
  • Small = 75cm x 50cm


Travelling with Pets
To help your pets feel more safe and secure when travelling, create a comfortable environment by putting a familiar blanket inside the car so your pet has a soft, cosy space they recognise. This can also reduce the likelihood of them losing their balance when the vehicle is moving.

Care Instructions
Machine washable 100% Polyester
30°C wash / do not dry clean / tumble dry 60°C

1 year manufacturing warranty
Prices include VAT
Made by Pettipaws in the UK


Dark Grey


Small, Medium, Large

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