Dark Blue Front Waterproof Seat Covers
Green Front Slip-Over Waterproof Seat Covers
Waterproof Slip-Over Covers - Front Seats without Airbags
Black Waterproof Slip-Over Car Seat Cover for Front
Waterproof Front Slip-Over Seat Cover in Grey
Ligh Blue Slip-Over Waterproof Car Front Seat Cover
Red Front Seat Covers - Slip-Over Waterproof
Pink Slip-Over Front Seat Covers - Waterproof
Orange Front Seat Covers - Slip-Over Waterproof
White Front Seat Covers - Slip-Over Waterproof
Cream / Beige Seat Covers - Slip-Over Waterproof Fronts
Waterproof Slip-Over Covers - Front Seats without Airbags

Waterproof Slip-Over Covers - Front Seats without Airbags

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Slip-Over Front Seat Covers

Slip-over seat covers are designed for quick and easy fitting and removal. These covers will help protect your front seats from spills and stains. They slip over the headrest and are secured at the base with a quick release buckle clip.


  • 2 x Universal fitting waterproof slip-over front seat cover
  • Covers approx 3rd of the seat back, allows access to map pocket
  • Easy to fit and remove, elasticated top slips over the headrest
  • Cover is secured underneath seat with strap and buckle clip

Universal Fitting


Our waterproof seat covers have been designed to withstand commercial use and still be comfortable for domestic use, they are suitable for everyone from builders and farmers to dog owners and surfers.

  • Tough polyester fabric with waterproof polyurethane coating
  • More comfortable than nylon covers, durable and easy to clean
  • Resistant to colour fading, shrinking, stretching and sun damage
  • Protect seats from dogs, dust, food, drink, foot scuffing, grease, ink, mud, rubbing, stains, wet clothing and general wear and tear
  • Made in the UK with 12 month manufacturing warranty

Seat Cover Care Instructions

  • Most stains can be removed with a soft brush and damp sponge
  • Machine washable under 30C with non-biological washing powder
  • No fabric conditioner, no tumble dry, allow to dry naturally