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Tyre Pressure Gauge – Mechanical


Mechanical tyre pressure gauge with hard case. Suitable for car, van and bike tyres.

Mechanical Tyre Pressure Gauge

Highly accurate mechanical tyre pressure gauge. This award-winning precision instrument will measure tyre pressure up 60 psi and is accurate to within 2%. Suitable for use on car, van, suv, truck and bike tyres. Supplied in hard storage case with hanging loop.

  • Tyre pressure displayed in psi, bar, kPa
  • Easy to read white dial with clear lens
  • Chrome stem with release button
  • Hard plastic storage case
  • ANSI Grade B Accuracy
  • Auto Express Best Buy Award


Maintaining correct tyre pressures is essential for vehicle safety, reducing fuel consumption and prolonging the lifespan of the tyre.
Vehicles owners should check their tyre pressures at least once a month, when the tyres are cold.