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Tyre Pressure Gauge – Digital


Digital tyre pressure gauge with LCD display in metric and imperial, battery included.

Tyre Pressure Gauge

Check your tyre pressure regularly with this highly accurate digital gauge with LCD display. Reading stays on-screen after removal from tyre valve. Automatically switches off after approx 15 seconds to preserve battery life.

  • Tyre pressure displayed in psi, bar, kPa and kg/cm2
  • Easy to read high contrast LCD display
  • Easy grip rubber surround protects from impacts
  • Chrome nozzle with bleed valve
  • Handy compact size
  • Battery included


Having correct tyre pressures improves the safety of your vehicle, saves fuel and helps prolong the lifespan of the tyre.
Vehicles owners should check their tyre pressures when the tyres are cold, at least once a month.