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Tyre Valve Dust Caps with Valve Straps


Set of 4 dust caps with Teflon tyre valve straps, quick and easy to fit using fingers or key

Tyre Valve Dust Caps

Check your tyre pressures without dropping or losing your dust caps. These dust caps have a Teflon strap attached that threads on to the tyre valve. You can screw the caps on and off the tyre valve using your fingers or with the aluminium key supplied.

  • Set of 4 dust caps with tough black teflon valve straps
  • Strap does not hinder the dust cap from turning freely
  • Supplied with handy knurled aluminium fitting key with key ring
  • Strap threads onto the tyre valve, very simple and quick to fit


Note: Lightly grease dust caps prior to tightening