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Vauxhall Combo E Van (2018 on) – Driver + Bench Seat Covers


Waterproof seat covers for Vauxhall Combo Cargo E van from 2018 to present, tailored to fit the driver and FlexCargo 2-seater passenger seat

Vauxhall Combo E Van Seat Covers

Waterproof seat covers tailored to fit the Vauxhall Combo E panel van driver and 2-seater front passenger bench. These hard wearing covers will protect the front seats in your Combo from spills, stains and wear and tear.

  • For Vauxhall Combo E Panel Van – 2018 to present
  • With 2-Seater Folding Front Passenger Bench Seat
  • Suitable for diesel and electric models (Combo-e)
  • Will not fit the Combo D from 2012 to 2018
  • Driver Seat Cover
  • Tailored waterproof single seat cover
  • Supplied with separate headrest cover
  • Compatible with seat mounted side airbags
  • Back of seat is covered down to the seat base
  • Dual Passenger Seat Cover
  • For FlexCargo folding 2-seater bench seat
  • Separate covers enable seats to lift up and fold forward
  • Separate headrest covers allow full headrest adjustment
  • Allows full access to seat belts and buckles
  • Fitting
  • Secured underneath seats with straps and buckle clips
  • Elasticated front hems ensure seat covers stay in place


Designed for commercial use, our van seat covers are suitable for everyone from builders and farmers to dog owners and surfers.

  • Tough polyester fabric with waterproof polyurethane coating
  • More comfortable than nylon covers, durable and easy to clean
  • Resistant to colour fading, shrinking, stretching and sun damage
  • Protects from dust, food, drink, scuffing, grease, ink and mud
  • Seat Cover Care Instructions
  • Most stains can be removed with a soft brush and damp sponge
  • Machine washable under 30C with non-biological washing powder
  • No fabric conditioner, no tumble dry, allow to dry naturally
  • 2 year manufacturing warranty
  • Made in the UK
  • All prices include VAT

Black, Grey, Camouflage Grey