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Wash Mitt – Microfibre Chenille 2-in-1


Microfibre chenille wash and dry mitt for cleaning cars, bikes, vans and pickup trucks

Microfibre Wash Mitt

This 2-in-1 wash mitt will wash your vehicle quicker and more efficiently than a standard sponge. The Microfibre Chenille strands draw dirt and grit into the mitt to avoid creating swirl marks and scratches in the paintwork. The mitt reduces cleaning time by absorbing a greater quantity of water, allowing you to clean a larger area of the vehicle before returning to the bucket.

  • Microfibre wash mitt with comfortable elasticated wrist cuff
  • Extra thick Microfibre Chenille strands on one side for washing
  • Smooth Microfibre side for removing stubborn marks and drying
  • Lighter and less bulky when wet than double-sided Chenille mitts
  • 100% soft polyester, machine washable, allow to dry naturally
  • Wash Mitt size = 23.5cm x 16cm approx